A salute to graphic designers!

Yesterday’s (micro) blog tipped the hat to writers…(…whooops!…perhaps a tiny bit of self congratulation there!) Today I’d like to put graphic designers in the spotlight for a well deserved round of applause. From book cover design to choice of font…these talented folk really do make ALL the difference to a finished book. So…..THANK YOU graphic design geniuses…wherever you may be! 🙂

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One Response to A salute to graphic designers!

  1. Poppet says:

    That’s a very nice Blog 😉 I know many GD’s and they work very hard for a happy client (Berni Stevens is the perfect example as she also designs book covers). Of course, it’s always easier when the client knows what they want and are able to communicate this easily to their designer.

    And I feature a Graphic designer on two of my own book covers! (haha!) – my friend David works very hard as a GD – pity I can’t get him a career in modelling 😀


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