Rude Boy Playlist

Those of you who have bought/read my novel RUDE BOY may like to know each chapter title is also the title of a classic Punk track.

Here’s the full playlist – if you wanna make yourself a soundtrack!

Ch 1: From Here To Eternity – The Only Ones

Ch 2: Ain’t It Fun? – Dead Boys

Ch 3: Born To Lose – Johnny Thunders

Ch 4: Smash It Up! – The Damned

Ch 5: Too Much Junkie Business – Johnny Thunders

Ch 6: Just Another Girl – Johnny Thunders

Ch 7: All I Wanna Know – UK Subs

Ch 8: You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory – Johnny Thunders

Ch 9: Not Anymore – Dead Boys

Oh and…the name of the central character in the novel, Kenny Silvers, derives from a Generation X track – The Prime Of Kenny Silvers. (And if there’s one track that provides an overall sense of the theme in the novel, it’s this one).

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