Love, Gudrun Ensslin by Simon Corbin

My second novel (Love, Gudrun Ensslin: ISBN 978-1907756672) has been released! It is available online NOW on Amazon, Waterstone’s,, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble (etc). A successful book signing event was held at Kingston (Surrey, UK) Waterstone’s on 19th February 2011 and (at the time of writing the book has sold out its run on UK Amazon at least six times!)

The book has a truly fabulous cover (front and back) designed by the multi-talented Poppet. I am beyond overjoyed with the cover! It is perfect…and it’s worth buying a copy for the cover alone!

Here’s a brief summary of the book:


One banker will be assassinated each month unless the government takes practical steps to reduce the gap between rich and poor…

This is the threat made by maverick anarchist billionaire, Rory Carlisle, which is intended to be carried out by ex-Baader Meinhof operative, Georg Krendler.

Love, Gudrun Ensslin imagines a situation in which Baader Meinhof style tactics are applied to the iniquities of 21st century global capitalism. The novel also tells the story of the first generation of Baader Meinhof (1968-1972) and warns of the dangers of both ideology-led violence and greed-fuelled exploitation.

Logo of Red Army Faction (aka Baader Meinhof): founded by Gudrun Ensslin


“Simon Corbin creates the sense of time and place with a wonderful eye for detail and atmosphere, effortlessly weaving together the cast of the major players and the political background of the canvas.” – Nikola Scott, Editorial Director, Sphere/Little, Brown (publishers)

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7 Responses to Love, Gudrun Ensslin by Simon Corbin

  1. Poppet says:

    LOVE IT!!!! YAY! It’s such an amazing story! You bad man! You converted me into liking a book with political undertones.



  2. Paul Freeman says:

    Great news, Simon. Can’t wait to read it. One day I might even get you to sign a copy.

  3. John Booth says:

    Great Stuff, Simon

  4. André de Hooge says:

    Gudrun Ensslin (1940 – 1977) knew where they were working on. Since 1991 I have a lot about the Baader – Meinhof Group and read the DVD was released in 2008 (where the role of Johanna Wokalek Gudrun Ensslin sang) I found quite phenomenal!

    I am a strong personality, though I am not behind bombings in its entirety or whatever in that direction!

    On October 18, 1977 she was in her cell in Stammheim by hanging (suicide) to have died, 37 years!

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