By popular demand!

The cover to my W-I-P novel...more super design work by Poppet

A request for you to finish writing a book and make it available has to be pretty high on the list of things that pleases a writer the most. That’s what happened to me the other day when someone told me they were actively waiting for LITTLE BASTARD to appear so they could own a copy! (…Thanks Tee!)

A black Moto Guzzi motorbike

Well, that request has focused my mind as we head deeper into the week for making New Year Resolutions! Top of my list now: finish LITTLE BASTARD! I had hoped it would have been completed by now but during 2010 the day job (and several other demanding facets of life) intervened. I imagine 2011 is going to be a similar story tbh…but LITTLE BASTARD is now my top writing priority for the coming year.

Another Guzzi...great bikes

The request also set me thinking about a writer’s productivity – and how radically it differs from individual to individual (…and how it further depends on circumstances and context).

Donna Tartt - a great writer...who works at her own pace

For example, a brief spot of research tells me that one of the most prolific writers of last century was Dame Barbara Cartland – who produced some 723 books (mostly romance novels plus the occasional Guide To Etiquette) during a lifetime of 98 years (…evidently most of which were spent writing!) On the other hand, one of my favourite modern writers – Donna Tartt – currently produces one novel every ten years! The Secret History (…great novel btw!) was published in 1992 and then…an entire decade later…The Little Friend (2002) followed. Donna’s next (her third) is scheduled for 2012 – so I guess she’s bang on track!

Here's one she wrote earlier!...Tartt's 'Secret History' (1992)

There’s no right or wrong about this, of course. Those who have the luxury of novel writing being their sole occupation (…and, yes, I do hope that select club will also include yours truly one day!) have a greater opportunity for a greater level of productivity. However, Donna already falls into that category – and she’s clearly a once-a-decade kinda gal! So, it’s each to their own. I guess! And that’s without even mentioning (…shhhh! Whisper it quietly!) the thorny subject of ‘writer’s block’! (Thankfully, that one’s not a hurdle I’ve had to jump as yet…it’s more a case of not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week for yours truly at the moment!)

Donna's latest (2002)

Anyway, in terms of my own productivity: I am currently producing one published novel each year. And, by pure serendipity, they always seem to appear in September. Here’s the Bibliography so far:

RUDE BOY: September 2009

LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN: September 2010

So, will it be…..

LITTLE BASTARD: September 2011?

Well, (…and by popular demand!) I’ll be giving it my best shot to meet that deadline. Watch this space amigos!!

New cover for RUDE be released Jan 2011

BTW if you’re wondering why there are several gratuitous shots of Moto Guzzi motorbikes in this blog…it’s because one of the central characters in LITTLE BASTARD – Jason – rides a Guzzi. Here’s another gratuitous bike pic…this time with a girl included too! (…Cherry from the novel, perhaps?!)

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