Further to last night!…

Welcome to a whole new decade amigos! Back to the blogging in a few days’ time…but, for now, a brief time-out. The object above is a paracetemol molecule. This has been one of a triumvirate of friends today. The others are aspirin and ibuprofen! I have spent most of today working out which one to take. Eventually this stuff won…
The migraine-y state of affairs today is not due to overindulgence last night though…honest! I still have half a bottle of that superb Chateau Corbin remaining…and I can thoroughly recommend it to all of you grape imbibers out there regardless of the same-name link that naturally induces a little bit of bias! However, I do have to say…that champagne – Gremillet. Avoid that stuff at all costs, folks! Ghastly crud. Tastes like Junior Disprin! Sparkling anti-freeze! Carbonated paint-stripper! Rancid, bitter, sour…well, you get the picture! It is undoubtedly the worst ‘shampoo’  I have ever had.  So, if you see a bottle like this on the shelves…do yourself a favour and run a country mile!…
Maybe if I sell a few more books in 2011 then for the next new year I can get a bottle of this stuff!……..
One thing I can recommend (…and will blog about once 2011 gets into gear) is the world’s best coffee – Angelucci. (If you’re a Londoner who ever frequented the Bar Italia in Soho, you’ll know it already). I’m off for an extra large cup right now! Ciao amici!
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4 Responses to Further to last night!…

  1. Poppet says:


    • Simon says:

      ha ha! i already did paul! (disclaimer: don’t do as i do, kids! it’s not worth the risk! i’m a fully trained professional y’know!) 😀

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