Johnny Thunders playlist

Hi amigos! The day job is a bit nuts at present – so it’s a much shorter blog than usual just now. With a brand new cover for my first novel RUDE BOY pending (…watch this space…announcement coming soooooon!) and with several chapters named after Johnny Thunders’ songs, I thought I’d post a Johnny Thunders playlist of my Top Ten Thunders’ tracks (based on my iTunes play counter):

1)    You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory

2)    It’s Not Enough

3)    I Only Wrote This Song For You

4)    Ask Me No Questions

5)    She’s So Untouchable

6)    Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

7)    Tie Me Up

8)    Subway Train

9)    Sad Vacation

10) Who Do Voodoo

From the albums:

So Alone: Tracks 1, 4, 5, 8

LAMF: Track 2

Que Sera Sera: Tracks 3, 7

Hurt Me: Track 9

Copy Cats: Track 6

Too Much Junkie Business: Track 10

Should be enough of a Thunders primer there, I reckon!

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