Thanks folks! (Minus the Gwyneth Paltrow bit!)

thank you thank hoo!

Well, I promise I’m not gonna ‘do a Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar acceptance speech’ on you(!)…but there definitely are a fair few people who need to be thanked for making my LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN book signing at Kingston Waterstone’s yesterday such an enjoyable success.

yours truly at the signing...there were lotsa books on this table when i started (promise!!)

It was busy, buzzy and non-stop – and, at the end of the signing, there was only one book needing to go back on the shelf. Perfect really! Better than being ‘out of stock’!

oooh look more buyers stage right! step this way for the cult novel of the century folks!

So, in no particular order – as all deserves thanks – I would like to say:


  • Kingston Waterstone’s for backing the event, setting up such an excellent display/signing table and looking after me so nicely on the day
  • Kingston College Marketing Dept for securing local publicity
  • My friend, fellow author and super designer, Poppet, for a fantastic book cover, poster and postcards (that all made such a positive difference to the event)
  • Those many folk who braved the rainy weather and traffic gridlock on a grim and grey Saturday afternoon to pick up a signed copy in person and make my day in the process
  • The kind lady (you know who you are!) who bought 8 signed copies for her book club!
  • Those folk who bought copies in the week leading up to the signing (requiring fresh stock to be brought in)
  • My excellent publicist who continues to make things happen for me like a magician pulling rabbits out of hats!

OK, so admittedly it was just a little bit Gwinnie(!) – but seriously folks: THANK YOU ALL! 🙂

😀 🙂 thanks amigos! 🙂

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