Back To The Car Stuff! (Audi RS4)

Those of you who regularly read/follow my blog (…yes, both of you! *waves! 😀 ) may recall that some time ago (during a brief spot of reminiscing about my days in magazine journalism – a career I began in 1990 as a freelance motoring writer) I posted an item about the various classic British-built cars I liked. At the time of that post, I promised I’d also post about some of the non-British cars I admire – and this is the first of those long-ago promised posts.

This post concerns a car I have actually featured in my recent novel, LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN: the Audi RS4 (B7 model). The RS4 is quite possibly my favourite car of all time…despite my never having owned/driven one – as a humble writer (as opposed to a greedy banker!) I couldn’t possibly afford it!

The Audi RS4 (RS standing for ‘Renn Sport’ or ‘Racing Sport’) was quite possibly the most complete car for our present era. It had Quattro four-wheel-drive, completed the 0-60mph sprint in just 4.5 seconds and its 414bhp V8 engine was significantly more powerful than the perennially vaunted BMW M3 – its chief competitor.

By all accounts the handling, grip and stopping power of the RS4 was truly exceptional. If you had to pick a fault it would be that, in these eco-conscious times, the fuel economy was relatively poor at 20.9mpg. That apart, the RS4 was clearly Ingolstadt’s finest ever product for all round ‘every day’ use.

The RS4s engine in the 4.2 R8 coupe

Totally insanely, Audi only produced the RS4 between 2006-2008 and then discontinued it! Utter madness! However, it does (sort of!) live on – as the same engine can be found in the 4-2 litre ‘base model’ of Audi’s supercar – the R8 (which basically tells you all you need to know about how good the RS4 really was).

Audi R8 - Audis new supercar: spiritual successor to the RS4

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2 Responses to Back To The Car Stuff! (Audi RS4)

  1. Poppet says:

    I did the research on the R8 for my book. Because it’s a sexy baby – especially in person – as you know you’ve seen me in person with one – BUT I must point out that the R8 actually belongs to the Lamborghini stable. It really is a Gallardo at half the price.

    yes please – I’d love one – they now come out with 8 gears!!! Oh mama!

    *swoons and drools*

    It’s petite enough for me too 😀

    • Simon says:

      yep…i know it’s def the R8 for you amigo…but the (sadly now defunct) RS4 is the one that really does it for yours truly 🙂 we can still share the engine though! 😀 😀

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