Jolly Sooper Jilly Cooper!

The typo spelling Jilly with a G is all the newspapers own work!

Back in June 1977 I met the author Jilly Cooper when she presented me with a prize for English at my school. Here’s a picture from the local paper of Jilly presenting me (that’s me on the left with the long hair and Cheshire Cat grin!) with a self-assembly felt chess set!

Roll the clock forward some thirty years and you’ll now find my books up on the shelf at Waterstone’s right alongside Jilly’s books (see pic above!)

I found this photo (from the 1977 local paper) when I was doing a spot of Spring cleaning and thought I’d share. It also set me thinking about the sometimes pleasantly odd serendipity of the way the wheel turns on occasion. Much like the lady herself, methinks – Jolly Sooper!

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2 Responses to Jolly Sooper Jilly Cooper!

  1. Poppet says:

    Brilliant!!! 🙂 Awesome! This makes me smile muchly!

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