More Jolly Jilly Jolly Sooper!

There really does seem to be some sort of weird synchronicity surrounding yours truly and Jolly Jilly Cooper at present.

No sooner had I blogged (see my previous post…and pic above) about my meeting Jilly back in 1977 (…when she presented me with a prize at school for my English and I subsequently wondered at the pure serendipity of our books now being side-by-side on a Waterstone’s shelf) than the very next day I saw her interviewed in the newspaper! Then, this afternoon, as I left work, the first thing I saw was a poster for Jilly’s latest paperback (Jump) plastered all over the nearest bus shelter!

And just now, while looking in on Amazon (…admittedly primarily to see how my own books are selling! 😀 ) I noticed the paperback version of ‘Jump’ is due to be released just today(!) – and is already listed in the UK Amazon charts at No 57!

Jump (which was released last year as a hardback) is Jilly’s 39th novel and sold some 70,000 copies in the first two weeks of its release.

Way to go Ms Cooper! I do hope some of that literary longevity rubbed off on yours truly when you handed me that chess set! 😀

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One Response to More Jolly Jilly Jolly Sooper!

  1. Poppet says:

    I hope so too

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