Gibson, Fender or…

Those of you who know me (or who have read my earlier post ‘The World’s Greatest Drummer’) will know I was a drummer for many years. The trouble is, it’s a bit limiting trying to play the drums when you’re no longer in a band. For a while after I stopped playing in bands, I played (bad) rhythm guitar – until my guitar broke (literally!)

A classic Fender Strat...sadly beyond the current budget!

It’s a few years on from all that now – but recently I have begun to miss the act of playing music (as opposed to simply passively listening to it). So I’ve decided (despite Bowie/Ziggy’s testimony that things sound better “on a stolen guitar”) to save up and buy a new electric guitar!

Sadly, I’ll need a lottery win (or a few more book sales!) to get either a Gibson or a Fender – but I’ve managed to narrow down a couple of contenders from the less salubrious end of the market. (A coupla pix of the guitars in question are coming up).

If anyone out there knows either of these guitars – or has any opinion as to which I should get – do please feel free to post on the blog. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the playing – if that’s not mixing metaphors too much! So, once I’ve saved the dosh (which could be a few weeks at this rate!) I’d better go and have a strum!

The contenders are:

Samick JTR Linda

The 'Linda'

Samick make guitars for Epiphone – a division of Gibson – so they can’t be too bad. The ‘JTR’ also refers to an apparently legendary guitar designer – JT Riboloff. Also, all the reviews I’ve read of the Linda are uber-positive; a rich sound, good pick-ups, superb value for money. I quite like the Linda in the Cherry Red finish.

The 'Linda' in the Cherry Red colour I like

Dean Evo XM

Dean are a fairly modern guitar brand from the US – founded in Chicago in 1976. They seem to be pretty popular with heavy metal guitarists (which isn’t really me as a player – as I can’t really do solos!) – not least in their V-shape format. However, the Evo looks a bit like a Gibson Les Paul (which is my real fave guitar) and all its reviews are good. Also, I used to have a friend called Dean – who was a guitar maker and ran a guitar shop! (Not in America in 1976 though!)

Dean Evo in the black colour scheme I've seen in my local guitar shop!

And finally…I simply can’t resist showing you these. If I do win the lottery anytime soon, I’ll be straight out to buy one of these beauties. These are a new range of guitars from Fender – literally just released in 2011. They’re called Fender Mustang Pawn Shop Specials – based on the Mustang shape of Fender as used by the late Kurt Cobain and still used by PJ Harvey. I think these things are beautiful objects – genuine sculpture as much as ‘just guitars’. The only question would be….red….?

Fender Mustang Pawn Shop Special 2011 in red

…or blue?!

Fender Mustang Pawn Shop Special 2011 - in blue

Cheers amigos!

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4 Responses to Gibson, Fender or…

  1. I played one of those mustangs the other day at guitar center and I want one too!

    • Simon says:

      hi jeff. thanks for posting. i bet that ‘stang was great! i hope you get yours. at present i’m gonna need a lottery win first – or maybe commit a bank robbery! 😀

  2. Jeremy says:

    Even though Samick makes guitars for epiphone, don’t downgrade the Linda to their standards. I have one and it’s definitely a lot better guitar IMHO. I would put mine up against a new LP standard any day.

    • Simon says:

      hi jeremy. many thanks for posting feedback on the linda – much appreciated. i’m still pretty cash-strapped at present and so haven’t made a purchase yet. however, the linda def remains high up on my list. i like the look of it too! someone else mentioned the yamaha pacifica – so i’ll have to check that out as well. i just need my next lottery win to be more than a tenner! 😀

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