Johnny Thunders Birthday Countdown – Day One

Those of you who regularly read this blog (and they do exist…so I’m told!) and those of you who know me (and they exist too!) will know that:

(a) I am a Johnny Thunders fan from years gone by

(b) I have been known (now and then!) to blog about JT (see “Johnny Thunders RIP” and “Johnny Thunders Playlist” in earlier blogs on this site for just two examples)

(c) the fast-approaching July 15th would have been JT’s birthday and I like to commemorate that date on this here blog…even though, of course, “…you can’t put your arms around a memory!” 😉

So, as we count down to July 15th, I thought I’d post links to a few youtube clips of Johnny in action. I’ll post a link to a new clip each day, up to and including 15th July.

Let’s kick off with this one. The venue is The Lyceum Ballroom, Strand, London (yes, the very same place Dracula author Bram Stoker used to manage). The date is 25th March 1984. The gig was being recorded for a vinyl LP release. I was there – having also been there in October 1983 on Johnny’s previous visit to The Lyceum. The track is In Cold Blood – which includes one of my favourite impromptu Thunders lines: “Oh Truman, how true it is!”

Hope the link works!

Enjoy amigos!

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