Johnny Thunders Birthday Countdown – Day Two

OK amigos – today’s JT-related youtube link relates to Johnny’s 1983 acoustic album Hurt Me and features the eponymous title track.

A pic of Johnny from the album cover is shown above. As the 80’s wore on, Johnny became increasingly keen on introducing acoustic interludes into his live sets. He did so at the October 1983 Lyceum gig I attended. Audience responses were mixed – in a reverse Dylan-goes-electric kinda way – although I (and most true Thunders fans) really liked it.

Hurt Me (the album) was recorded in a studio in Paris. While in Paris, Johnny had a guitar especially made for him by a French guitar maker. I used to know the name of the guitar/maker but have now forgotten. If any Thunders fans out there know this info, do please post the answer on this blog page for me. (Thanx!)

Here’s Johnny playing Hurt Me (the song) in a Paris studio in 1984:

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2 Responses to Johnny Thunders Birthday Countdown – Day Two

  1. The Name of the Guitar / Maker is James Trussart

    • Simon says:

      many thanks joni – you are absolutely right 🙂
      unfortunately i can offer no prize for the correct answer – but you def have my gratitude 🙂 🙂

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