1980s revisited

Well, I’ve been blogging for just over a year now (yeah yeah, I know – greenhorn, bandwagon-jumper, Johnny-come-lately yada yada yada etc etc!). Anyway, I just had a look back at the stats for this blog over the past 12 months and it seems the most often searched for/viewed posts of mine have been my “1970s nostalgia” series – initially posted to generate a bit of interest in my work-in-progress novel, LITTLE BASTARD. (NB I’m pleased to report “Love, Gudrun Ensslin” comes a close second in terms of site ‘hits’. Glad to know you people are still interested in the already published books too!). So, being a public-spirited sorta chap, I thought I’d make my next series of blog posts a comprehensive look back at the 1980s.

Rather than giving each post a ‘theme’, this time I’ll go through the decade year-by-year – picking out a few choice moments to remind those who were there exactly what we all lived through whilst hopefully giving those born since a flavour of the times. It’ll be largely a UK-centric look back – as, apart from the occasional holiday, that’s where I spent the bulk of that particular decade. I’ll also mostly be looking at the music, movies and literature of the 80s – as I was a teenager when the 1980s began and that’s where my interests primarily lay at the time. However, I’ll still try to throw in some current affairs and notable events from the period as suitable context and backdrop.

Incidentally, my first novel, RUDE BOY, is set in the early 1980s – as protagonist Kenny Silvers realises his beloved Punk is gradually being superceded by the New Romantics and society’s values are changing along with the music. I would like to give any new readers of this blog a very biased nudge in the direction of that particular book of mine as a good primer for understanding the early 1980s London vibe. It’s out on Kindle now too (…hint hint amigos!)

So, the 1980s. Well, where to begin?! The decade of Margaret Thatcher (in power from 1979-1990), the Falklands War, the miners’ strike, Fortress Wapping, Brixton riots, Dallas and Dynasty, big hair, shoulder pads, red braces, yuppies, ‘greed-is-good’, the advent of HIV/Aids, phonecards, mobiles like house bricks (or in suitcases), filofaxes, Live Aid, the ‘storm of 87’, Charles and Di, Gorbachev, Ronnie Reagan and Kaja-bloody-googoo!

See you all in 1980 on the next blog post. Meantime, here’s a pic of yours truly in 1980 – aged 15 and waiting for the decade to begin.

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