Anarchy for the UK!

So sang the Sex Pistols many moons ago when I was still a kid. I had my copy of Never Mind The Bollocks from the day of its release – along with a vinyl (white label) bootleg of Indecent Exposure (the recording of a Pistols gig at a Burton-on-Trent pub that Malcolm McLaren had pressed as a promo in the very early days when Glen Matlock was the bass player). The point here being – it was the starting point for me to begin looking at this curious topic labelled ‘Anarchy’ with a spirit of genuine enquiry. I wanted to find out more – and there was no wikipedia or the internet back then amigos! The process escalated during my Philosophy degree at London University. I learned all I could about this (supposedly) seditious topic – whether from Crass LPs, playing gigs with my band at Railton Road’s Anarchist Bookshop or more traditional academic study. And guess what – much of what the Anarchists have been saying down the decades is TRUE…and much of what the Establishment has been foisting upon you is…er…Bollocks! And pernicious controlling bollocks at that!

I don’t much like labels – I’m simply for common humanity building a better world for ALL of the people (and living creatures) that share it – and I’m not even sure if I am a fully paid-up (spot the irony!) card-carrying Anarchist as such (after all, there are so many ‘branches’ and flavours it can get confusing – check out wikipedia’s many definitions to see what I mean!) but I am pretty sure that is where my sympathies presently lie – especially knowing what I know about the world in the 21st century…and the parasite bankers and their pet politicians currently spoiling it for the rest of us. It’s exactly why I wrote the novel LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN.

And so, in that spirit, I now present to you a series I am calling ‘Anarchy blogs’ – posts that simply present FACTS about the present ‘recession’ and ‘austerity measures’ that the Establishment and mainstream media don’t want you to know and certainly don’t want you to think about too closely. Well, someone’s gotta do it! (Ain’t the internet grand sometimes?!)

The first in the ‘Anarchy’ series is this one: Anarchy For The UK! I simply present here a selection of FACTS – all of which are public domain information…and sourced from some pretty conservative mainstream organisations (eg the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph) that can hardly be accused of left-wing bias! So, I now present some financial facts about the UK in 2011. You can, I am sure, draw your own conclusions!

UK Financial Facts

20% of UK workers earn below £10k pa – per YEAR! (Daily Mail 2009) [20%! That’s 1 in every 5 people! And that’s just the ones who can actually find jobs!!]

4,500 people who earn £1m plus earn (collectively) the same as 3 million low-paid workers (Daily Mail 2009)

The average UK salary is £25k – but two-thirds of UK workers earn below the national average (Daily Mail 2009)

The wealth of the 1000 richest people in the UK rose by 30% in 2010 to £333.5 billion (Daily Telegraph 2011) [I don’t see much of that being pumped back into the economy to help us all out with the so-called ‘austerity measures’ do you?!! Yet YOU have to bail out the banks…by law!]

Under New Labour (the original pet party of the bankers) the wealth of the super-rich grew by 8% year-on-year – while the poor simply grew poorer. The poorest 15% of society saw their incomes either only increase below the rate of inflation or actually fall. (IFS report)

One third of the UK’s children are still in poverty (Joseph Rowntree Foundation report 2010)

40% of London’s children live in poverty – and yet London is the 6th richest city in the world (2011 report by the End Child Poverty action group)

London provides the headquarters for 20% of all of Europe’s largest companies and has an economy worth £162 billion and yet 39% of its boroughs are officially classified as “in poverty” and 2.7 million Londoners officially live “in poverty” alongside the extreme wealth of their Kensington and Mayfair neighbours. (Statistics from 2011 report by the End Child Poverty action group).

Anyone out there really still wondering why there were riots?

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