Coming soon…the 1990s!

Allow me to explain!…

But first, amigos, many apologies for the tumbleweed that has been blowing across this blog since 6th Nov. (It has been a busy busy time of late).

However, I have now (finally!) begun researching my next series of blog posts (which I figure I’d better post before this entire blog disappears into a black hole somewhere at the outer edge of the universe!)…

So, coming soon…the 1990s! Having posted a (though I do say so myself!) reasonably popular series on 1970s nostalgia and a year-by-year account of the 1980s, I figure it is now time for me to tackle the 1990s. And so, before the year is out, I shall begin a year-by-year review of the decade that was the Nineties.

Watch this (corner of outer!) space!…

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