Owls Of Derision from Lah Lah Land!

Greetings amigos! Those of you who read this blog (or who know me from way back when) will also know that I have drawn cartoons, caricatures and comic strips from the age of…well, practically dot. (See my previous blog – ‘Cartoon blasts from the past’ – for examples of some caricatures I did during my boarding school days).

At present I am still lacking regular IT access and only making occasional ‘guerilla updates’ to this blog! In view of that fact, I thought that, rather than post yet another random ‘test card’, I would share with you some preliminary sketches of a series of cartoons (either cartoon strip or comic book format – as yet undecided) I am considering producing when time (and equipment) allows.

For some good while I have had this menagerie of crazy animal characters floating around in my mind (and on various sketchpads and scraps of paper). The vague idea is for a cartoon series entitled Lah Lah Land and featuring these critters. It would be a cartoon strip (or book) that is equally accessible to kids and adults – quirky and zany enough for the latter and cutesy and colourful enough for the former.

The first example is now my new ‘test card’ (see below). These guys are the Owls Of Derision. Effectively they are cynics and will pour scorn on anyone in Lah Lah Land who dares to dream a dream or hatch a cherished plan. First rule of Lah Lah Land? Never listen to the Owls Of Derision!!!

I’m bunging up a series of these preliminary sketches/designs as the days progress. If anyone out there in the worldwide ether-net(!) has any thoughts or comments I’d be interested to hear ‘em. If not, I’ll be posting the sketches up anyway!! (Well, it is my blog y’know!…)


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