Krazee Kat from Lah Lah Land!

hi amigos 🙂

i am still largely unable to get regular internet access so the blog posts continue to be few and far between from yours truly just now.

however, i also continue to toy with the idea of (some day) producing a cartoon/comic strip book (Lah Lah Land) and continue to refine the characters (many of which were created years ago) when time permits.

the final blog on this topic (for now) shows the genesis of one such character.

this one is Krazee Kat – he is generally to be found carrying a parcel; a gift that he presents to the object of his desire (usually a female Poodle known as Miss Poodle Dog). the parcel then tends to explode. Krazee remains puzzled that his unique amorous approach has such negligible success. his usual response next time is to use a greater quantity of explosive!

here he is in B&W mode…

and here he is in full glorious technicolour!….

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