Will the Irn Bru Curtain fall?!

Much discussion among my Scottish chums of late about the possibility of an independent Scotland. Like a true woolly liberal, I am totally undecided as to which side of the fence I fall in this on-going debate. I love Scotland dearly. It features (briefly – Aberdeenshire) in my novel LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN and I have made many visits – back-packing round the Hebrides (see my post about the Scottish Wild Cat and the Save The Scottish Wildcat links at the foot of this blog). You also cannot possibly argue with Scotch (the drink!), smoked salmon, Aberdeen Angus, shortbread and (yes, I even like….) haggis. (NB curious fact: 60% of all haggis is exported south of the border to England). I also have some Scottish heritage – a great-grandfather from Campbeltown. And I can do the accent! 😀 But will I really soon be needing a passport to visit my Glaswegian friends?!! Watch this space, I guess…..

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