Baader Meinhof team talk!…plus Descartes!

A short time ago (on 27/06/12 – the night of the Spain-Portugal Euro 2012 football semi-final to be exact!) I joined Professor Julian Preece (author of the new academic study ‘Baader Meinhof and the Novel’- in which my novel, LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN, is referenced) in a joint talk on Baader Meinhof at The Peace Place in Hackney (Google ‘Sustainable Hackney’ for links).

Homerton station – nearest stop for The Peace Place, Hackney

I would now like to issue a belated public thank you to both the Professor (for the invitation) and to Ted and Elisabeth of The Peace Place (nearest station: Homerton) for their hospitality (including excellent food and wine – in particular a delicious locally produced Turkish cheese roughly halfway between feta and halloumi!). I would have blogged about this earlier but for a short period of illness (now fully recovered, many thanks for asking!).

Rene Descartes – ‘the father of modern Philosophy’

This was not the only talk I delivered recently.  On 07/07/12 – ie during the Saturday of the Wimbledon women’s tennis final (no, I don’t know why I’m always booked to speak during major sporting events either!) I also gave a talk to the West London Philosophy Society (in the function room above The Adeleide pub in Teddington – good range of beers and excellent fish and chips btw!) on Descartes (entitled: ‘From the cogito to The Matrix and beyond’) focusing on ‘the father of modern Philosophy’, the context in which his ideas evolved and the way in which ‘the cogito’ has entered contemporary popular culture. I was invited to speak as Philosophy was my first degree – and I retain a strong interest in the subject, seeking to integrate philosophical issues and concerns within my novels whenever possible. (The West London Philosophy Society will be hosting a new series of talks from September – see their Weebly website for updates and details – clicking on the Descartes pic should take you straight to their site).

And finally (as regards this update of my own!)…I am pleased to report that the promised review copy of Dr Preece’s book has arrived from publisher Palgrave Macmillan (see previous blog). Once I have read it, I will be happy to publish a review of it on Amazon and on this blog.

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