Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 – Buy Rights!

The rights to my first two novels (RUDE BOY and LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN) are available worldwide across all territories. This means publishing rights, translation rights, film and TV rights (and options), audio rights – in fact, the whole darn shebang!

In order to ease the process (and to put all of these rights under one roof – and with one simple, direct contact point for enquiries), I have joined a new organisation specialising in selling and licensing book rights across a global marketplace: IPR License. Authors, publishers and literary agents can spot new talent using IPR License – and negotiate for rights on existing work (…and even for work that is yet to be written!). The company also plans to (shortly) launch a platform for selling film and music rights too. (Click the IPR logo at the top of this blog post to go straight to their website)

IPR License will be travelling to the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair (10th-14th October) to negotiate rights sales for its clients. Rights to my books will therefore be up for grabs at Frankfurt!

Frankfurt Book Fair (10-14 October 2012)

Both of my books (now also listed on the IPR License website) will, I believe, make excellent movies (or TV adaptations) and I would heartily recommend that producers working in these industries check them out.

RUDE BOY, set in the early 1980s against a backdrop of Punk Rock, is especially visual – and thus ripe for a screen adaptation providing a re-examination of an era that is now moving directly into the spotlight we call ‘nostalgia’. It would also lend itself to a cracking soundtrack!

LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN would make a great cult movie – a thinking person’s thriller. Moreover, if I were a publisher, I would be taking a good, long look at the German translation rights to this one. Having recently been featured in a prestigious academic study (Baader Meinhof And The Novel by Professor J. Preece of Swansea University), LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN would benefit from a German language edition being made available. After all, as the Professor states in his study: “Baader Meinhof is now a defining theme in contemporary German literature” and in 2010 “more than 40% of popular novels were in the Baader Meinhof genre”.

LOVE, GUDRUN ENSSLIN – currently only available in English – offers a unique perspective on the Baader Meinhof story (incorporating the present financial crisis into a dual time period plot and reinforcing, as a core theme, the primacy of an appreciation of the notions of tolerance and common humanity over the divisiveness of ideology). It is a fast-moving thriller that blends fact with fiction – pivoting around a (real life) unsolved murder case. Although I do say so myself(!), this book has much to interest the German reader in their own language – and I will be grateful to any publisher who buys the rights to make it available in that format.

For those who cannot make it to Frankfurt this year – you can always contact the very helpful and thoroughly organised Abbie Houghton at IPR License. She will be happy to get the negotiations moving and get you on your way to buying rights (and/or options) in either (or both!) of my two novels. Abbie can be emailed at:

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