Tribesman is unleashed!

I am very pleased to say that Paul Freeman’s excellent Tribesman has now been unleashed (as a Kindle ebook) by Cogwheel Press.

I started reading this as a work-in-progress many moons ago and have waited eagerly for Paul to release the finished version so I can complete the saga. Now it is here!

I’ve told Paul I shall post a full review on my blog (and on UK Amazon) once I finish reading the whole book – and so I shall.

But, for now, I’d like to recommend this one highly. If anyone out there is a fan of the Fantasy genre (think Tolkien, swords and sorcery, Ray Harryhausen’s  Sinbad movies, Dungeons & Dragons and PC games like Diablo and Infinity Blade) you are going to be wholly captivated by Tribesman.

This is old school Fantasy executed with panache and will, I predict, become a new standard for the genre in the 21st century.

There’s also a cracking promo video for the book on Paul’s UK Amazon Author Page – just click the link on Paul’s photo (above) to go straight to UK Amazon. (BTW Paul – about that pic: could that possibly be a [red cover edition] copy of RUDE BOY you are clutching there?! Good on yer, mate!]

Review to follow…watch this space amigos!

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One Response to Tribesman is unleashed!

  1. Paul Freeman says:

    It is! 😀 Cheers, mate!

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