Happy Xmas / Happy Holidays 2012 amigos!

So 2012 is heading to a close. Time to break out the booze, unwrap the presents and try to spread goodwill and good cheer to everyone everywhere! Also time to reflect on the year and start making resolutions for the year to come (…mine is to finish BLACK DOG!).


It has been a busy, hectic year for yours truly but now I finally have time for a breather I’ve designed some Xmas images (using one of those Bamboo pen things on a tablet PC) which I have posted here. (I’m still getting used to the Bamboo pen but I think I might have cracked it by the 3rd image at least!).


I’d like to wish all those visiting this page a HAPPY XMAS or (as the Americans say) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you all in 2013 amigos!


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2 Responses to Happy Xmas / Happy Holidays 2012 amigos!

  1. Matthew Ashbee says:

    Lovely dramatic cartoons. I hope you use these kind of pictures in your teaching.

    Best wishes


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