Join my new AS level in Creative Writing class!

Until now, no nationally recognised formal qualification course in Creative Writing has been available in the UK other than at university level. However, from September 2013, the AQA exam board is releasing an AS level qualification that provides an ideal stepping stone to university study and constitutes a valuable qualification in its own right – and I will be teaching it!

The course starts on Monday 9th September at Richmond Adult & Community College (RACC) in Surrey. Over 28 weeks, students will work towards one exam and the production of a portfolio of work, resulting in the award of the AS level. The course will cover a broad range of writing disciplines designed to enable learners to produce professional standard creative work and to discover and enhance their own creative ‘voice’.

The course is recruiting now and places are still available. Further information can be found on the RACC website at: Alternatively, simply click on the image of the RACC logo (below) and you will be taken straight to the course outline on the RACC site. (For those of you who don’t know me, scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see my biog listed there as well).

It’s going to be great fun. It’s a chance to explore novel and short story writing; poetry; journalism and non-fiction; writing for stage, screen and new media (e.g. blogging) and more. There will also be tutor-led peer-group workshops providing constructive criticism (and support) for work-in-progress. It’s an opportunity to become one of the first ever graduates of a brand new and nationally recognised qualification.

I do hope I will be meeting some of you (fellow creative writers) at RACC soon!


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2 Responses to Join my new AS level in Creative Writing class!

  1. Good luck with it – sounds like an excellent course 🙂

    • Simon says:

      many thanks for the good wishes 🙂 unfortunately the class is not going to run this year (the college didn’t sign up enough students – hey ho!) but we will try again in 2014. meantime, i will still be teaching another creative writing course there – probably from November this year.

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