Writing Magazine December issue – see Page 12!

I am very pleased to share the fact I have a two-page feature in the December issue of Writing magazine (aka the UK’s bestselling writing magazine). Although it is nominally the December issue, it is in the shops right now (having appeared on the newsstands from Nov 7th).


Check it out amigos! My feature is advertised on the cover under the title “How you can write next year’s bestseller”.  You’ll see a brief biog of yours truly on Page 3 and then, on Page 12, the feature itself.


I’ll give you the standfirst to whet your appetite: “If you could predict ‘the next big thing’, you could write a guaranteed bestseller right now. But is it really possible to anticipate shifting tastes in popular fiction? Author SIMON CORBIN investigates.”


I took as my starting point the notion that (in popular fiction) writers have been ‘writing for the market’ ever since the Victorian era (Dickens and the ‘penny dreadfuls’) – a pattern that has demonstrably continued through pulp fiction, 70s sensationalist paperbacks, 80s bonkbusters, 90s fantasy and the crime genre in the Noughties (and beyond). I then put on my mystic hat and attempt to predict ‘the next big thing’ in popular genre fiction. I won’t give away my conclusion in this blog – you’ll need to get a copy of the feature to find out!…

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6 Responses to Writing Magazine December issue – see Page 12!

  1. Nicola says:

    I’m just planning a workshop for my Writing Group based on your article. I’ll be posting it on http://www.madridwritersclub.com next week in a form as different as it needs to be to be inspired by, rather than plagiarised from, your article! Thanks 🙂

    • Simon says:

      hi nicola 🙂 very many tx for posting on my blog. glad you liked the writing mag feature – and i’m always happy to be an inspiration! 😉 hope your workshop goes well – and i’ll be sure to check out your site next week 🙂 atb simon

    • Simon says:

      hi nicola. just seen your post re your workshop on your madrid writers club website 🙂 looks good 🙂 (tried to post a comment on your site but the link didn’t work – so posting here in the hope you will find it!) atb simon

      • Nicola says:

        Thanks! The workshop went well and we turned up some interesting fusions…most of which Google tells me have already been invented but, still, plenty to spark ideas! I had better work out why the link didn’t work. Thanks again!

        • Simon says:

          tx nicola 🙂 glad all went well 🙂 btw your own blog is very good and very interesting…will return for a more detailed read! 🙂 season’s greetings! simon 🙂

          • Nicola says:

            Thanks, I’ve got two blogs actually and they inspire me to write things I’d otherwise just leave as idle thoughts while washing up!

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