Writing Freelance Features – my new ebook…out now!

Happy New Year amigos! Well, 2014 has got off to a pro-active start for yours truly with the release of my new non-fiction ebook on Amazon. WRITING FREELANCE FEATURES is adapted from the Journalism course I created (and teach) at Richmond Adult & Community College (RACC) in Surrey – Writing Freelance Magazine Articles.

Click on the cover image (below) to be whisked straight to Amazon UK to see it in all its glory! Meantime, here’s the blurb……

WRITING FREELANCE FEATURES tells you all you need to know to get started as a freelance writer – someone capable of devising, researching, writing and selling freelance features to newspaper and magazine editors on a regular basis. The book covers equipment and resources, journalism jargon, types of feature, generating ideas and conducting research, identifying target publications, interviewing tips and techniques, writing and formatting a 1000-word feature, pitching to editors, invoicing and pay rates, legal issues (including copyright) and more besides. Writing Freelance Features has been adapted from the popular and successful course ‘Writing Freelance Magazine Articles’ devised and taught by the author at Richmond Adult & Community College in Surrey. An accessible ‘how to’ guide, Writing Freelance Features is designed to demystify the writing and pitching process while providing you with all the key information you need to get you up and running and experiencing the joy of seeing your name in print sooner rather than later.

WFF final

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