Run Robert run! Marathon Man UK: one man’s amazing effort to help vulnerable kids

Robert Young: Marathon Man UK

Robert Young: Marathon Man UK

Robert (Rob) Young is Marathon Man UK. You may have heard of Rob – the man (and his incredible on-going feat of super-human endurance) is thankfully becoming better known by the day. Rob has been featured on TV several times, on the Mail Online website, in a feature in The Times newspaper (and several other nationals). Rob has met Richard Branson (whose Virgin Trains business is sponsoring Rob’s train travel to distant marathons). Rob’s supporters include major sporting figures (not least from the world of running and endurance running – including Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and world ultra-marathon champion Dean Karnazes). Prominent figures from rugby union support Rob (including the All Blacks, Harlequins, and Martin Bayfield). The band Coldplay has donated their music free of charge to Rob’s Marathon Man UK website. And the list goes on. However, despite celebrity and business support (and growing public awareness), Rob – and his mission – still need and deserve to be better known (and his charities better supported). Thus, my humble blog is now lending its weight to Rob’s cause in the hope of further promoting this remarkable man’s unique efforts to raise money for vulnerable and abused children.

Yours truly with Rob

Yours truly with Rob

So, who is Robert Young, why is he called ‘Marathon Man UK’ and what exactly is he trying to achieve? Put simply, this man is running a full 26.2-mile marathon (and often in excess of 26.2 miles) every single consecutive day for an entire year! Rob’s motivation for this almost unbelievable feat of endurance is to raise funds for children’s charities – including the NSPCC, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Dreams Come True. Having endured a horrific childhood (in which Rob and his sister were victims of abuse from within their own family), Rob’s sole motivation is to help others who might find themselves in a similar situation. (NB More detail can be found about Rob’s background – and aims – on his Marathon Man UK website. To visit Rob’s website, simply click on the Marathon Man UK logo shown below).

Click logo to go to website

Click logo to go to website

Not only is Rob raising money – and providing inspiration – but he is also contributing to medical science. His incredible stamina and (thus far!) resistance to injury has made him the object of study of Dr Courtney Kipps of King’s College London (KCL) – the Assistant Medical Director of the London Marathon. Dr Kipps regularly monitors and assesses Rob, learning more about the limits of human endurance at every stage.


I hope you’ll also be inspired by Rob Young and his mission. Once you see the stats involved, the full measure of Rob’s achievements (and the scale of the challenge he has set himself) really begins to hit home. For example, at the time of writing, Robert Young has run some 6,591 miles across 224 consecutive days – clocking up 238 marathons/ultra-marathons…and he’s still running…every single day (including the forthcoming Christmas Day and Boxing Day) while averaging just 3-4 hours’ sleep a night and while still working a day job to support his family. Hats off amigo…and run Robert run! (Just don’t let Fenton catch you when you’re racing round Richmond Park!).

Rob in his trademark kilt - chosen by kids to make him easy to spot when running

Rob in his trademark kilt – chosen by kids to make him easy to spot when running

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  1. LetsRun says:

    Robert is a disgusting cheater!

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