Little Bastard is released!


Welcome to my first blog post for the entire year…in…er…late November! Well, it’s been that sort of year – hectic (with a capital ‘hec’!). Now, however, I do have something to blog about – for which I have happily found a little time…so here goes…

I have just released a new book – LITTLE BASTARD. Take a look at the fantastic Pythonesque cover (above). I loooooooove my cover. It is designed by the best book cover designer ever – the venerable Poppet.

LITTLE BASTARD took me eight years to write – so it is a great joy to finally send it out into the big wide world among all you eager beaver readers around the planet. It first appeared as three chapters of a work-in-progress on the (now sadly deceased) Authonomy website – where it garnered both support and helpful feedback that enabled me to arrive at the completed work of today. So, a big ‘shout out’ to all my fellow ex-Authonomites – especially those who kindly commented on the ‘WIP’ draft; this one’s for you amigos!

The book, set in London, spans a six-month period during 1977 – from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee through to Xmas/New Year. It features two brothers at war with each other. Jason, the older brother, models himself on James Dean, rides a motorbike and enjoys easy success with girls. Robin, the younger brother, is sensitive, introspective, hero-worships Marc Bolan and fixates on Jason’s girlfriend, Cherry. Jason bullies Robin and calls him ‘LB’ – their mother, Rose, thinks it stands for ‘Little Brother’ but it actually stands for ‘Little Bastard’. Tension builds between the siblings as the months pass.

LITTLE BASTARD is a slice-of-life kitchen sink family drama, strongly recalling the 1970s. It’s full of dark humour and plenty of LOL moments to lighten the heavier themes. As best-selling author Gerry McCullough said: “Perfectly brings to life the atmosphere of the 70s. A very funny book yet with serious depth.”

LITTLE BASTARD is now available as an ebook (with a paperback version to follow in 2016). Click on the cover image (above) to go straight to Amazon UK to buy it. (Though I say so myself, it’s a bargain at £1.99 / $3.02).

Happy reading amigos!

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2 Responses to Little Bastard is released!

  1. David says:

    I went to school with this guy and he’s a genius. I very much look forward to reading LB but would ideally like one annotated with some of the author’s hilarious cartoon characters (another of his skills – he pre-empted Viz by about 5 years). Good luck with the book Si!

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