Rude Boy

Rude Boy is published. A new release is coming soon, with a new updated cover.

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What’s the book about?

Expelled from boarding school, Punk Rock rebel Kenny Silvers returns to early 1980s London to renew his friendship with former `partner in crime’, Eddie. Kenny’s downward spiral, from scholarship student to squat-dwelling delinquent, forms the backdrop to a powerful rites of passage tale exploring themes of alienation and drug addiction through gritty dialogue, colourful imagery and a rich vein of black humour. This is Catcher In The Rye for Generation X

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Reviews of Rude Boy:


“There’s a lot to admire about this strange and entertaining novel – I was intrigued by the story of Kenny, particularly the way in which his angry, rather twisted outlook provides so much humour.”

Lee Brackstone, Faber

“I enjoyed reading RUDE BOY – it’s an evocative setting; Simon writes well, and his characters are well developed.”

Alex Clarke, Penguin/Michael Joseph

“…very readable.”

Ravi Mirchandani (formerly Heinemann, now Atlantic Books)


“This is the kind of book I wanted to read when I was 16: Billy Liar meets Suedehead. Tremendous!”

“Clearly Irvine Welsh is not the only one who can do ‘gritty’ in a relevant and entertaining style.”

“This is the first book I’ve read in years not listed as a ‘thriller’ that was a real page-turner. I simply had to keep reading until I reached a (satisfying) ending.”

“I just finished Simon’s book. It ranks up there with Dee Dee Ramone’s Lobotomy and Chelsea Horror Hotel, but better because it is more insightful, and it really is about a kid who is in over his head, dealing with adult issues when he’s not ready for them. Making some not so great decisions–haven’t we all? You always feel under Kenny’s toughness is just this kid who wants to be recognized. Who wants some respect. Who wants to find the love of his life. So go buy a copy!”

“The only novel I’ve read that takes cannabis psychosis and homelessness seriously as major contemporary social issues.”

“Not for the faint-hearted but utterly rewarding for the brave reader. Sharp humour and laugh-out-loud moments make the unpalatable palatable…and hugely entertaining.”

Reviews on Rude Boy:


This is warts and all adolescence at its worst and entertaining best. Kenny is the troubled protagonist, telling his own story in his own words and it’s breathtakingly real, he could have been sitting opposite.

Kenny is the kind of brilliant MC I’d have avoided whilst growing up but am fascinated by in print. Wipe aside his foul mouth, anti-social behaviour, the destruction he causes at school (although highly entertaining, let’s be honest) and you just want to give the boy a hug, tell him it will be ok, to follow his dreams, get that degree in Art, sit down and have a chat with his mum. But he doesn’t do any of those things and that’s why I couldn’t put this book down. I laughed and ached for Kenny in equal measure.

That’s why I’d like a sequel please, Mr Corbin, because Rude Boy does grow up through the course of the novel and I want to know where he is now, whether the death of his friend sent him down the right path, whether that counsellor was good at her job.

Darren R (Scotland)

In this day and age of politically correct mumbo jumbo, it is refreshing to encounter a book which is brilliantly written and yet also, is shocking. The word choice and arrangement were excellent throughout. The words added value, meaning and punch to the whole story. I felt I was there personally experiencing everything that Kenny was. The author helped me to see, hear, feel, taste and smell. The colourful language, the description of the characters, the relationships and the vivid scenes all contributed to painting a picture in my mind. Despite being at times shocking, there were many times that I could not stop laughing.

And what an ending! I implore everyone to buy this book and enjoy it like I did.

Well done.

This review is from: Rude Boy (Paperback)

Simon Corbin has written a most compelling novel. He literally put me inside the head of a rebellious child, who became a rebellious teenager.

But this journey he takes the reader on is compelling, because he reveals that beneath the bravado, and attitude, is a sensitive wounded soul who craves a happy ending. Using everything at his disposal to distract him from this inner heartache.

It is poignantly revealed in the post love scene of the MC Kenny, when his emotions, dreams and vulnerabilities get the better of him.

This book is harsh, it’s a no holds account of a life that started off on shaky ground, full of promise and plenty of opportunity, but the shaky ground kept him unstable. Between the drugs, gigs, lifestyle and eventually the death of his best friend, it’s heart wrenching, sordid, deeply detailed, dragging the reader into Kenny’s world where we drown with him, live in squalor with him, until even I was ready to grab his scruff and drag him out of there with me.

I loved it. Once It hooked me I couldn’t put it down until it was all read. The twist at the end is genius!

Well done Mr Corbin! Where’s the sequel?


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