Love, Gudrun Ensslin

My second novel (Love, Gudrun Ensslin: ISBN 978-1907756672) is OUT NOW! It is available online at Waterstone’s,, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble (etc). A successful book signing event was held at Kingston (Surrey, UK) Waterstone’s on 19th Feb 2011 and the book has (so far!) sold out its run on UK Amazon six times! Thanks folks!

The book has a truly fabulous cover (front and back) designed by the multi-talented Poppet. I am beyond overjoyed with the cover! It is perfect…and it’s worth buying a copy for the cover alone!

Here’s a brief summary of the book:


One banker will be assassinated each month unless the government takes practical steps to reduce the gap between rich and poor…

This is the threat made by maverick anarchist billionaire, Rory Carlisle, which is intended to be carried out by ex-Baader Meinhof operative, Georg Krendler.

Love, Gudrun Ensslin imagines a situation in which Baader Meinhof style tactics are applied to the iniquities of 21st century global capitalism. The novel also tells the story of the first generation of Baader Meinhof (1968-1972) and warns of the dangers of both ideology-led violence and greed-fuelled exploitation.

Logo of Red Army Faction (aka Baader Meinhof): founded by Gudrun Ensslin


“Simon Corbin creates the sense of time and place with a wonderful eye for detail and atmosphere, effortlessly weaving together the cast of the major players and the political background of the canvas.” – Nikola Scott, Editorial Director, Sphere/Little, Brown (publishers)

19 Responses to Love, Gudrun Ensslin

  1. The book cover is awesome! I wish you all the best with your latest work!

    • Simon says:

      tx christina 🙂
      the book cover had a super talented designer 🙂
      i have her to thank for helping to create a true work of art! it looks fab in 3D as just an aesthetic object lying on a coffee table…never mind my scribbles inside! 😀

  2. Adrian Wu says:

    Hi Simon,

    I thought you would do all the covers ! You certain could draw caricatures of all those Rugby teachers. Remember the drawing you did on the blackboard of Frank Druit as a Dwarf ? Then when he came into the classroom and totally lost it, you stood up and said “To be Frank, I drew it !”. That was classic. And the little comic book you produced with all the teachers in it. I thought you would become a cartoonist, not a novelist. Anyway, I will certainly buy your novels to read and will not be surprised to still see the same old Sy that I have known for 30 years.
    Maybe next time, you should do a graphic novel !

    Your friend,


    P.S. What happened to Ned ?

    • Simon says:

      hi adrian. good to hear from you – and thank you for posting on my site 🙂
      by now i’ve emailed you – but i’m still going to post some of my afore-mentioned cartoons and caricatures from our school days in your honour as my next blog update (06/11/11) 🙂
      as for ned – the great enduring mystery! if anyone out there knows – please post!

      • Monkey says:

        I’m living in Wyoming, enjoying my freedom and feeling sorry for all you socialist soaked saps.
        By the way, no offense taken on your literary liberties regarding my character. I wish you all the continued success you can muster.

        • Simon says:

          ned?!!! bloody ‘ell!! been a looooong time! glad to hear you are still in the land of living – contrary to all the rumours/assumptions! thanx re the ‘literary liberties’ – helped to make an entertaining and effective debut work of fiction methinks! will continue to muster! cheers si 🙂

          • Monkey says:

            Glad you’re well. It HAS been a long time! Sort of lost track of things 28 years ago; but the odyssey has been good to me.

            • adrianywu says:

              Hi Ned ! Si and I were just wondering what happened to you. Do update us on your odyssey. We are just leading old boring lives !


              • Simon says:

                hi adrian. hey, speak for yourself!! 😀 well, ok, maybe some aspects of my existence are a little bit boring these days!! agreed, though – glad ned is still around…and am also curious re the odyssey!….

            • Simon says:

              hey ned 🙂 will email you sometime next month (jan is mega-hectic!). will be good to fill in the 28 year blanks! cheers si 🙂

  3. Charlie Sangster says:

    I had been thinking how unfair it was for Hans-Martin Schleyer to be killed, who, while he may have had a past, was busily making a social market economy work, when the bastards who have got us into our present mess haven’t suffered a single casualty. As another O.R. writer, (Aterrizajes por Palomares, a screenplay), perhaps we might correspond,
    Charlie Sangster, Sh67-71(?)

    • Simon says:

      hi charlie – thanx for posting on the blog. schleyer was killed by 3rd generation baader meinhof and my novel solely concerns 1st generation BM (baader, ensslin, meinhof, raspe, proll et al). things are a bit hectic at the min but i’ll try to send you an email over the coming w/e. cheers simon

      • Simon says:

        hi slade. my book is a novel – not a factual account. frankly, i researched as far as i needed to for the novel – ie 1st gen BM – for which BM is a theme rather than the entire focus. the schleyer case is of no interest to me – nor is it included in my book (the BM element of my novel ending in 1972). i have not studied the schleyer case and so i indeed thank you for your factual correction to a comment i made (clearly in error) in an attempt to be helpful to a previous blog post i received. your post will, however, be deleted as i do not take kindly to abuse and/or unwarranted sarcasm – and i have a policy of deleting posts containing such abuse (esp from strangers). if you cannot be civil, please do not post on my blog. you can be factually correct and in the right and still be civil when pointing out a mistake. 😦

  4. George Connelly says:

    Hi Simon the 70s when if you had a green paper pound you were rich going down to shop getting 1/2p mojo,s blackjacks fruit salads.we jelly devils black and red.gob stoppers in big glass jars. Pacer,s mints with green stripes and banjo bar looked like a twix bar two fingers and tasted nutty bar six and hated my dads favourite Jamacain rum dark chocolate bar with raisins in it.and all the bars seemed to be a lot bigger back then.

  5. JOHN says:

    Enjoyed youre book immenesley… Watched The B.M. Complex lately and was blown away.. then read the book … then rewatched the film.. then Saw If Not Us Who ?.. Watched a RAF doc on Scheller kidnap…And always it was about Gundrun… have you thought of writing a biog on her as she still is the most compelling character of that era… never mind Carlos and Che

    • Simon says:

      hi john. very glad you enjoyed the novel – and thank you for taking the time to post on my blog. you are not the first to suggest i should write a straightforward non-fiction biography of gudrun…but you are certainly the one who has persuaded me to look into the viability of such a project (which i am now doing!). it seems there is definitely an appetite for an english language version of a gudrun biog – so many thanks for the nudge in that direction! cheers simon 🙂

  6. Simon says:

    thanks lorie – glad you like the site. we aim to please! 🙂

  7. Simon says:

    cheers steve – as i said to lorie, glad you like the site…we aim to please! 🙂

  8. Pharme4 says:

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